Coningsby Wildlife Watch

Thanks to Steve Nugent, Roger Parsons and Alex Pickwell who visited Bainside Coarse Fishery on Sunday, 24th September 2017 along with their members.

They split in to two groups while one group went of in search of  wildlife living / growing around the lake the other group joined me in some fishing.

Below is a list that was found around the lake:

Molehills, Rabbit droppings

Oak – with several types of gall, Elder, Horse Chestnut, Willow spp, Sycamore, Himalayan Balsam – invasive weed, Ragwort – toxic weed, Gorse, Bramble, Wild Rose with hips, Nettle, Dock, Ground Elder, Dandelion, Thistles, Eggs and Bacon [Bird’sfoot Trefoil], Several grass spp

Water plants
Reed, Water lily

Shaggy inkcap, Bay Boletus, Russula spp [Dark red cap]

Earwig, Migrant Hawker dragonfly m, Darter spp [red],Wasp spp, Bee spp, Cricket heard
Orange Tip butterfly, Small tortoiseshell, Cabbage White

Aquatic invertebrates
Great AND Lesser Water Boatman,Water Skater, Water Stick Insect,Water Scorpion,
Lesser saucer bug, Damselfly larvae, Alderfly larvae, Caddis fly larvae, Chironomid larvae
Leech spp, Flatworm spp, Lesser Pond Snail

Bird species
Cormorant and gulls along River Bain
Regular Kingfisher not seen

Grass snakes reported yesterday – but not seen today!!!