Need somewhere safe and secure to store your caravan? Or looking for a store and stay caravan site? We can offer you competitively priced short- and long-term storage solutions on-site at Bainside House.

Our storage compound is surrounded by a ditch on 2 sides, back of public houses on 1 side and the only access is via the entrance road alongside the camp site, features one separate security light, lighting the storage area and the road leading to the storage area is also illuminated with security lighting. Access to the whole site is via an automatic barrier, that is operated by a key fob. The site also benefits for having CCTV coverage. The barrier will not operate during the night, not only making it more secure but more peaceful for our staying guests.

  • Short Term Storage:                            £195 per 6 months
  • Long Term Storage:                            £335 per 12 months
  • Per day Term Storage:                       £5.00 (min of 7 days)

If you wish for your caravan to be placed on your pitch and then put back into storage at the end of your stay by us, then the charge will be £2.50 each way. So, a total of £5.00 will be added to your bill. The unit will be left with feet up and locks off for yourself to level, On departure the unit is to be left with feet up and all locks removed.

Please note we cannot always provide the pitch you may want due to logistics before your stay and after your stay and our normal T&Cs still apply.

The contract is for the term of the storage booked; 12-month contracts will need to be renewed each year. Existing customers will get first refusal to renew each period, 2 months’ notice would be required. If you fail to give 2 months’ notice to vacate your place, you may be charged for the shortened notice period.

Storage fees are due up front in full. I am afraid we are unable to offer a refund if you wish to remove your caravan from storage before your contract finishes.

Storage can be accessed between 7.30am – 8pm, please inform us of your arrival (in advance) if just coming to visit the van or take it off site.

Units must be fully insured, and insurance companies informed that the unit is stored at Bainside House. (Please supply a copy of your insurance certificate on renewal date).

Your caravan is to be left with us entirely at the owner’s own risk, and Bainside House take no responsibility for any damage caused by a third party, we insist that either a hitch lock or wheel lock are used, preferably both.