Report on Second Quarter

As you are all aware its been a challenging season so far, but with the lake opening on the 15th May it gave us a bit of hope.

We have had a lot of new customers visiting the lake this year with some nice bags of fish being caught and hope this will continue once things are back to normal.

Over the lock down we have managed to install the Patanque pitch (bowls) and have a large chess set for your enjoyment.

With the main site due to open again on the 4th July 2020 things have been hectic with the volume of bookings coming in all at once but things are now slowing down. With regards to covid – 19 we have put the following in place and will monitor daily or amend upon any government’s advice.

The showers will be for our guess without any facilities or restrictions that do not allow them to use their own facilities. We would ask all over guess to use their own facilities for the time being.

The local buses are still running with there own restrictions as per government guidelines (a copy can be found within our reception)

We would ask all guests to respect the latest social distancing advice at all times.

June 29, 2020 11:33 am

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